Monday, April 2, 2012


T by Alexander Wang dress, Karen Walker sunglasses and jacket, Givenchy heels, Meadowlark ring, Celine bag

A couple weeks back I met up with the ever-so-lovely Nina from the StyleHive, a catch-up I must say was long overdue! Our afternoon date consisted of tea, sweet treats, and a stroll along the waterfront, contemplating more sweet treats (it was hot, and there's no better solution to a hot day than ice cream.. right?). I think one of the best parts was finally seeing Nina's Miu Miu neon pink spectator heels in action, even if she did swap them halfway through for a more comfortable alternative. A girl needs back up!

Nina was kind enough to film, and put together the below 'outfit video', which I think turned out great! While a photo can tell a thousand words, a video can say so much more. There's a lot missing from outfit photos, such as the fluidity, or rigidity of a garment, to the way a person moves in it. Hope you like it!

Pagesixxx - An Outfit Video from Nina Bissett on Vimeo.


  1. Great video!

    Superb place to shoot too, my (old) fave place for lunch. You can't beat Wellington on a good day huh.

    V xx

  2. lovely look for spring!

    Polly with love
    follow )

  3. that video is amazing! so professional, you look like a model! fantastic outfit too <3

  4. Grr the video wouldn't load on my stupid computer for some reason :( you both look beautiful and the photo's are great xx

  5. Love all of the shoes in this post - and you used the waterfront as the perfect spot for some outfit snaps :)) Fab!

    Sadie xx


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