Sunday, April 22, 2012


Karen Walker Sunglasses
Sunday reflections.
1. Taking up an old hobby, that is somewhat outdated in modern society can be extremely gratifying, and the time indulged in pursuing it makes you appreciate it all the more. When I was younger I would most likely somewhat poorly, assist my grandmother with a large cross-stitch that she was working on. My mother purchased me my own a few years back, although I never felt the inclination to work on it until now. As ridiculous as I feel it sounds to admit, it's satisfying completing a section of colour.

2. I was very grateful to my friend Nina, who invited me to join her at not one, but two fashion shows during Wellington Fashion Week (WFW). The first was Julian Danger, which we attended on Thursday night, and the second was Nicola Screen for Goodness, which we attended this afternoon. Both were a deep contrast to the Karen Walker show that I experienced while in New York last year, which was only open to industry insiders. WFW essentially opened what is usually an exclusive event for buyers, editors and the like, to the masses, either through the purchase of a ticket or by emailing for the chance to receive tickets. While fashion shows are reasonably short affairs, usually no longer than about 15 minutes, it's still a great way to get a sense of how the garment sits on the models, and how it moves.

3. I recently managed to score the Acne floral blouse with detachable scarf in a sleeveless version, for a rather good price. Admittedly, I already owned the 'Amon' blouse in the full sleeve version with the cut-outs at the shoulder, but I seldom wore it as it felt too large on my frame, and the cut-outs just never sat right on me. Since receiving the sleeveless version, I've been wanting to wear it every day. Sometimes a piece that you love in theory doesn't work in practice, but with a few tweaks, it can become exactly what you were hoping it would be.

4. A beer in the sun is the best way to start a Sunday afternoon. Especially if there's sun. Oh, and chips. I didn't start drinking beer until a few years back when I was travelling in Europe, and it was du jour to drink steins while we were in Germany (or so I was told). Since then, I'm always up for trying a new beer, and when I spotted a voucher for a beer I hadn't tried before, I bought it and kept it on the off chance that Wellington would see another sunny day before the real gloom of winter. That day was today, so when lunchtime rolled around, the boyfriend and I made our way to Meow to take advantage.

5. I often forget how important it is to laugh at life, rather than take everything so seriously. There's always time to be a little silly.
Super Sunday!


  1. I haven't cross-stitched since I was about 12! Good on you for giving it a go again. I always taking time out to get back into bonsai. I like your cheeky smile photo.

  2. I love cross-stitch! It's so relaxing :)


  3. nice post :) hobbies are usually well worth

  4. that graffiti wall is gorgeous, where is that??

    - Marie
    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. i love your sunnies, take a photo of that Acne floral blouse -- I bet it;s amazing!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  6. FUN items... LOVE the mural kitties... fries look YUMMY... FAB glasses!!!

  7. Hehe yayy for everything!!
    I used to do cross-stich in the form of mini kits from the craft store. My old time "thing" is knitting, though I can only do basic scarves, ha ha.
    Andy yes, laughing is very important, I make sure to laugh at least 100 times a day ;)

  8. That Acne blouse sounds lovely! And glad to hear that you were able to make it work :)

  9. hehe that last photo is so cute! x

  10. This post is lovely. You make me want to crossstich now :)

  11. Love the photos. I agree it is good to laugh more!

  12. I agree! Laughter is the best medicine to the doldrums. I've found that if I laugh at a situation I would normally be angry about, it tends to help lighten the mood...or scare the other person. Either way it's entertaining. I love your sunnies!

  13. have you changed the design of your blog? it's looking very simple and elegant... also, yes it's very important to laugh, at least five times a day and four of those times should be at yourself! :)


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