Friday, April 6, 2012


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On shopping online. The majority of my purchases, tend to be online. This isn't because I don't enjoy the shopping experience, walking into a brick and mortar store where you are able to try things on, get an idea of sizing, how something will sit on your figure, among many other things. It's purely due to a desire to find some specific, which after exhausting several hours at the shops I am still yet to find, and somehow come across it with ease upon browsing the internet for no more than 10-15 minutes. Since I prefer not to settle for second best, online shopping tends to win out, but that doesn't mean my favourite stores don't still get a bit of love.

I suppose that it comes with numerous advantages, such as shopping at any time of the day (although I wouldn't recommend shopping after a couple of cocktails, as this usually results in regret the next morning) and being able to search for potential purchases in your pajamas. Not only do you have the instant gratification of buying something new, there's also the added buzz of receiving something in the mail, wrapped in tissue all new and shiny.

These past six months I've noticed that where I choose to shop has changed somewhat. Rather than buying new, I've been scouring sites such as Trade Me or eBay for pieces that I missed out on the first time around, whether they were available in New Zealand stores or not. Of course, this takes some dedication. Generally it means checking for new listings every night, which over time can become tedious. But when you finally find that garment you were after, all the searching seems worth it. I will say it definitely pays to take advantage of saved searches, as some websites will email you if any listings match your search, or notify you via your smartphone. I've also found many bargains with misspelled listings, where perhaps an extra letter is added in or something to that description, and I know I'm not the only one.

The other pertinent point to note, is that when buying second hand, you're essentially recycling clothing. By turning someone else's discarded tops, skirts or dresses into beloved foundations or statement pieces in your own wardrobe, that's one less piece that could potentially spend hundreds of years decomposing in a landfill, and one less piece adding to excessive consumption. I will admit that I prefer to buy new, but I realise that it's not always the most feasible option. I can be a bit obsessive about the care of my clothing, and it can't be argued that everyone treats clothing differently.

Do you prefer to buy new, or avoid adding to consumption by "recycling" clothing by purchasing second-hand on websites like eBay?


  1. That's what I lovea bout online shopping too - that you can find exactly what you're looking for in a short amount of time. I persoanlly don't like buying second hand (I don't even wear hand me downs from my mum, it weirds me out haha), BUT there are so many times that I see amazing outfits which people have bought second hand from eBay or from a vintage store and they just look so great xx

  2. I don't shop online! I like to go to the stores and try!

  3. This is so true, I am definitely an online shopper too, and some of my favorite pieces are from eBay. I am always on the hunt for something I missed when it was first available and it is so thrilling to finally find it! :D

  4. Shopping online is an obsession :)
    If you can 'be of interest to you point out my handmade shop:

  5. amazing pics!! thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!

  6. Happy Easter :) I like to look at the shops, but know the frustration of not being able to find what you want when it's so much easier online. I have a couple of boutiques that I like to buy from for the personal aspect, then cheap chain store buys (I don't really look at these online),but otherwise online boutiques when they have sales or discount codes. I also like ebay, though I'm more inclined to regret purchases from there, some favourite purchases have been from ebay too. A lot of what I buy on ebay will end up back on there - I do like the 'recycling' aspect.


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