Saturday, June 30, 2012


img 1 - Liam floral blouse, Topshop peplum top, Diva spike necklace, Karen Walker lace-ups, Topshop loafers
img 2 - Karen Walker bandit dress, Glassons pants (black & floral)

Purchases for the month of June. Considering that I head off to Europe in a few days, I still ended up buying a number of things. It has me wondering how many things one person could buy in the space of the year, should they wish, and how much of that is actually necessary.

I finally managed to track down a couple of pairs of pants that I could wear both with heels and without, something that had eluded me for some time. On top of that, a couple of eBay purchases which taking into account their RRP were a steal, and a few things from Topshop, as I chose to reconsider taking a pair of ballet flats overseas in favor of a pair of loafers, which are far sturdier and less likely to slip off my feet as I dash through cobblestone streets. The mere fact that I opted to get these loafers in not only one, but two colours (the price drop to 20GBP made this an easy decision), may seem excessive, but I am constantly on the look out for comfortable flat shoes which for me was justification enough.

And lastly, when is a girl like me ever going to resist a sale? While I've been trying my best to ignore online sales (N-A-P excluded), I picked up the grey version of the T by Alexander Wang jumper from Revolve - now, more so than ever, I've realised the importance of owning a swag of jumpers in the winters as I find it hard to warm up on chilly days. I also paid a visit to Karen Walker, and snagged a few things I'd had my eye on; I must say, out of all the sales, hers are always the best.

Did you grab a bargain in the winter sales?



  1. I like so much those floral pants :))

  2. Yayyyy for all your new buys! And yes, you can't resist a sale, it is futile...same with me :)

  3. I also got the Topshop loafers from the sale. SUCH a bargain! Cannot beat £20 for leather shoes! And a Ruby skirt I had been wanting since forever I finally have on its way to me now thanks to the sale!

    I am super sad I am not in NZ for the KW sale, its usually like an bi-annual spend up for me. Sadly the online sale just doesn't cut it.

    1. Have you tried them on yet? They are pretty tight. I was lucky a woman at work had shoe stretchers, totally saved my feeties!

      And, while previous KW sales have been good, only select things are on sale at the moment - I'm away for under $150, probably a good thing! So, what's online is pretty much on sale, I'd say you're missing out on a few extra samples, but nothing too special - if that makes you feel any better lol

    2. Oh no, mine haven't arrived yet, hopefully they'll fit! Might be wearing them around the house with big woolly socks for a while then :/

      Thanks, it does make me feel better! I wasn't too over the moon about this season anyway, so better off saving my monies for SS12!

  4. gorgeous!! you got some great stuff.. love that necklace and the colors of the floral pants:-)

  5. Like the floral pants, so vibrant. I checked out the Karen Walker online sale but none of the pieces I wanted were marked down yet. Also some reductions seemed very small - there must be a better sale around the corner. Am considering another California trip (with baby in tow!)

  6. I love the loafers!! Great purchases :)

  7. Those floral Glassons pants are amazing, I wish I could wear such patterned pants, but I haven't found a pattern that suits me yet haha looks like you had a very productive shopping month! Love the tag you put on this post "excessive consumption", story of my shopping life haha!

    Oh, and if you love having gorgeous nails, check out my Butter London Giveaway!

  8. Everything is so cute! I also can't resist sales, and I end up spending my whole paycheck.

  9. You know what I often think to myself how much of the stuff is actually needed in my life. But we are girls, wee can't help it. Well that's what I say anyway.

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  11. Great items! Can't wait to see you wearing them! :) xx Kayin

  12. Absolutely love the shoes!

  13. I love those brogues! Actually everything you've purchased looks lovely! So many sales going on, it's so hard to resist, isn't it?


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