Saturday, June 16, 2012


T by Alexander Wang jumper, Glassons pants (similar), Proenza Schouler bag

Pants party. I'm probably a little bit late to the floral pants party, but after seeing this cute pair at Glassons, I couldn't really resist. Pants are one of those things that I have always had trouble finding, as most cuts don't seem to sit right on my body shape - they are either too tight in the leg, or too wide in the waist. These, on the other hand, are very near to the perfect fit, which means I don't need to continue trawling ASOS or Topshop for a pair any more. Wearing them felt like I had a garden on my legs all day. Added bonus!

As well as recently becoming a Pinterest convert, I've also started using Currently Obsessed - where you can stalk all the items that I'm currently coveting, and see what's on my wishlist. There's a link in the bar to the right, otherwise you can find me here! I get the feeling that it's going to be a little bit dangerous having my entire wishlist all in one place...



  1. Glad to read that you pind your perfect printed pants.
    I usually have problem with pants/jean's fit too, so I know what are you talking about.

    Have a pretty weekend,
    see you :)

  2. Ooh those pants look awesome!! And I love the clutch too, I saw it in another color the other day :)
    AND that sweater looks so comfy!! I kinda want to get it but they only have XS left...what size did you get?

  3. Cool pants! I just love floral :)


  4. ahhh I just looked at those pants today and fell in love! glassons have the best stuff. these are adorable and look fantastic on you x

  5. i spot a lot of great Glassons pieces lately... and that's a good one btw.. :D good pairing! <3


  6. love ur pants..


  7. Cute pants!

    Happy Saturday, my dear!

  8. I love the jumper and the pants. You know what's great about walking around with a garden on the bottom half of your body? You'll know everything is fresh down there. Ha, inappropriate. But it was a must.

  9. I've been subscribed to your blog for a while now, its a good read! These pants are lovely on you, the black background makes the print so subtle. I have the same dilemma purchasing pants online too!

  10. loving the bag and pants :D

  11. These pants look like perfection! What a great floral pair to add to your wardrobe :)


  12. lovely pants :)

  13. gorgeous pants... and that bag is tdf.. ah!

    steph /


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