Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Saint James breton stripe top, Tibi pink silk pants, Zadig&Voltaire parka (similar), Ksubi denim cut-offs, Iosselliani stacked rings, Alexander Wang shoes, Isabel Marant necklace

Travel wishlist. Holidays abroad generally involve shopping. Whether you mean it to or not - well, perhaps that's just how it works for me. Having experienced post-holiday shopping regret a number of times in the past, I've since discovered that putting together a wish list pre-travel not only helps with staying on track to fill gaps or wants missing in your wardrobe, but also carries with it a satisfaction of knowing you bought something that you had been looking for. In saying that, there is always room for spontaneous purchases, I just find this method reduces that number and makes me think a little bit more before I buy.

On my travels, I'm hoping to pick up the following:
1. A new wallet - My current one I've had for about 4 years now, and while I like it, I find it unneccesarily bulky, and inconvenient to open the coin pocket as the zipper is broken. I'm hoping to pick one up in a colour other than black, to make it easy to spot in my handbag, and one that has only two sections rather than three.

2. Breton stripe tops - As far as I'm concerned, a girl can never have too many striped tops. I've bought a number over the years, some I've kept and some I haven't, and am hoping to pick some up in a couple different colour combos. If possible, one from Saint James would be nice.

3. Military style parka - This closet essential eludes me every single time. Permanently attached to my wish list I'm yet to find one that I like, so maybe this time I will be lucky. Makes me regret not picking one up at Sportsgirl all those years ago.

4. Classic shoes for day to day wear - While I can't claim a shoe shortage, I'd love to pick up a nice pair of leather shoes for every day wear, in a classic style that can be taken from work to play

5. Denim shorts - I never seem to be able to find the right type of denim shorts, they always end up being too short, too tight, or not the right colour. I've spied a pair at Zara that are worth trying on but I won't hold my breath.

6. A pair of trousers - While I've recently picked up a couple pairs of 'capri' pants, trousers are always something that I have struggled to find. I'll be keeping a lookout for a nice pair of trousers in a tapered style that I can wear with ballet flats or heels. An interesting print would be an added bonus, but ideally, I just want to find something comfortable, that looks good, and fits me well.

7. Jewellery - Both statement pieces and fine jewellery are on my list. I seem to have discovered the wonders that a large statement necklace can do for an outfit, and as such would like to accumulate a couple more if I can. I'm also looking forward to dropping by Corpus Christi in Paris to pick up a new necklace or two - the jewellery there is gorgeous.

Do you make up a wishlist before you head on holiday, or do you prefer to feel inspired to buy things in the moment?



  1. Nice jewellery!
    I always have a wishlist in my mind, but when I do shopping I'm so crazy - I bought everything what i like, and sometimes it isn't omy my list. Like a women ;)

  2. I can vouch for the Saint James breton top, they're quite thick and sooo warm!

    love the wishlist, those a wang heels are to die for xx

  3. I should make wishlists when I go on vacation, but the places I go don't usually include awesome shopping destinations, ha ha. I would definitely love all the things on your wishlist. I do have a good wallet but it is starting to die, ha ha

  4. everytime i see alexander wang shoes i go crazy! beautiful picks

  5. I should start making these kind of wishlists too! :)
    The striped tops are a must-have!

  6. I love the parka and the pants the most.

  7. I like the top!
    Makes me think about a little boat in the middle of the lake... And a girl fishing for dreams :)

  8. I'm off to Italy in a couple of weeks so I really should think about doing this kind of list! :)

    Life Etc

  9. love those alexander wang heels. need a pair in my life. white or black not fussed just NEED THEM!
    nice wishlist :)

  10. I am loving those silk tibi pants! I'm also on the hunt for some good trousers
    Brooke @ what2wear

  11. I've never made a wishlist before going on holiday, but it seems like quite a clever idea! I rarely find myself with post holiday shopping regret except possibly if my holiday is short and I don't have time to find much - with a list, it would be much easier to shop successfully on short trips! And I have to agree, a girl have never have too many Breton stripe tops :)

  12. love the selection :)


  13. Nice outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Angela Donava

  14. great choices hon :)
    new post on my blog


  15. I love the bracelets :)
    Have a good day sweetie ,
    kiss from Brazil

  16. okay, seriously want one of everything. and why is it that stripes just go with everything?? adore!
    xo TJ

  17. I would definitely wear both of these outfits! Love them! :)


  18. awesome stuff!

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  19. Great items!
    I've been in NY a few weeks ago and made a wishlist but didn't buy anything from the list and a lot of other things!

  20. That are really great choices!!

  21. You read my list on my blog and I can exclusively reveal here on your blog (hehe) that I failed in buying most of the stuff on my list. I think next time when I go on a shopping holiday I will not have a list unless there are specific branded styles that I want to buy. I was so highly focused on finding the stuff on my list that I probably overlooked other cool things (I know I did)... was still fun though.

  22. I love bretons! That one is so perfect xxx

  23. Ah, what a great idea! Though to be honest, I don't think that I would be very successful with it haha. Are you going on a trip soon? x


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