Friday, March 2, 2012


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The trend of paring down, and culling one's wardrobes seems to be sweeping the internet. It's as though excessiveness has reached a ceiling point, and resulted in the resolve to pursue style in the opposite direction, in a more minimal fashion. Dead Fleurette and her well thought out and eloquently formed posts possibly had something to do with this, or at least they had an influence on me.

While I am conscious of an innate desire and willingness to shop smarter - which as I note, may not necessarily mean less - there is a voice within me, trying to compel me to shop, which is something that I no longer wish to subscribe to.

I've spent the past week reading, blogs, and books, about forging a more minimalist attitude in regards to shopping, which have changed my views, more so than any past reading had done at least. This now extends far beyond my wardrobe, although these other excessive items appear to be more difficult to let go of, such as: letters from old friends, memento's of trips abroad, recipes I would like to try and little trinkets I have collected over the years. It's interesting that my wish to have a more pared down wardrobe is having a trickle-down effect to the rest of my belongings, but I already feel better for the few things that I have since disposed of. I imagine this will be yet another thing I will slowly chip away at.I guess, like with wardrobes, have too many things can become a cause of stress or anxiety, and in reality a lot of it is unused or long forgotten.

While I'm not trying to espouse a minimal lifestyle, there are particular elements of it that I find intriguing, and would be interesting in adopting similar principles in my own day-to-day life. I like the concept of being able to quickly pack up your belongings and flit away to some interesting or unknown part of the world at the drop of the hat - not that this is ever likely to happen to me.

In this regard, I've been continuously whittling down my wardrobe, which I would think at this point should be close to nil, and have managed to come in at under 100 items, a number that while large to some, I feel suits me and my circumstances rather well. My shoes, number less than 24, although this high a number still concerns me. The problem here lies in the fact that I feel as though this part of my wardrobe is complete, and thus requires no further culling. Perhaps with a bit of resolve I may be able to cut out a further 2-3 pairs, but as my mother pointed out to me, if I love all these shoes, then there really is no need for me to attempt to cut it down any further. I have a feeling that perhaps, as that old saying goes, "mother knows best".


  1. I felt a feeling of panic as I read through this post - NOT the old letters!! One of my favourite things about having a good clean out is reading over old letters, cards etc. If I live to be very old, which would be nice, I'd like to have some things to look over to remind me of different times in my life, photos and hand written messages in particular. Hand written letters seem to be an outdated form of communication, so it will really be like something from another time.

    Sounds as though you have done an amazing job with the wardrobe. I am both in awe, and I must admit, a bit worried about which beautiful pieces that you have parted with. Great timing with the move though, it would make unpacking much easier.

    Sorry I haven't replied to your message yet. But I have actually made a new blog post.

  2. Hi with respect to culling the rest of your belongings you really have to determine what is significant and what is not. With respect to recipes - throw them out ... You can always look for something similar on the Internet but letters and holiday trinkets are your memories. Having said that though I always get rid of stuff from ex boyfriends as I always like to move forward with that part of my life rather than dwelling on what could have been.
    100 items is amazing, but I agree with your mother. If you love things why get rid of them?
    FYI I will never stop buying new things as it gives me pleasure and I would feel like I'm slaving my butt off at work for nothing. x

  3. Yep, Dead Flurette had an impact on me too and I'm trying to buy things that all go well together with one's hard but I'm getting better...and I'm trying to buy less
    Though I will always have a shoe addiction and want more, haha...

  4. ah so tricky! love these pics.

  5. those wardrobe pictures are so inspiring. btw you have an award on my blog. come and check it out! <3

  6. those wardrobe pictures are so inspiring. btw you have an award on my blog. come and check it out here <3

  7. Just pinned your picture of the branch as a clothing rack. That's such a great idea!! <3


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