Thursday, March 22, 2012


Karen Walker blouse & coat; American Apparel fingerless gloves

What was seeming like a promising start to Autumn quickly transformed into something resembling winter. Wind, rain, and low temps have been plaguing us and I have, as per usual, been struggling to keep warm. I guess it's times like these that I can be grateful for owning an abundance of silk blouses and good quality woolen coats. I'm beginning to think that there may also be some merit in getting high denier tights, as I continue to consider putting on two pairs every morning.

And what I had just the other day considered to be an abundance of coats in my wardrobe (I believe I have 8 or 9 - divided between light/heavy jackets), seems to be somewhat of an asset. I've never been one to want to get rid of coats and tend to wear them for years on end, until they are practically on their last legs. This would probably explain why I seldom seem to purchase them, a sub0conscious effort not to fill my wardrobe up with coats I would later find exceedingly difficult to part with. A girl needs a jacket for every occasion.. am I right?~


  1. amazing coat!

    Polly with love)

  2. I love that coat! And the print of that top looks amazing!
    Yea, I know what you mean, I only have 2 coats that I really wear and then 2 others that just hang around, but I would love to have more classic ones...just need to find the right ones :)

  3. Grr, I tried commenting yesterday and it didn't work. Maybe I shouldn't have used the work computer haha! Love this black coat - looks great on you. I can't believe how many coats you have! I literally own one haha xx


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