Tuesday, March 27, 2012


img src - MGSM

The beautiful collection that is MGSM pre-Fall 12 is something I stumbled across a wee while back, and am only just getting around to posting. It serves as quite possibly the best inspiration that I have seen lately, with perhaps a mild touch of deja vu, combining the best elements of some lookbooks that have been floating around. The print on prints, bold colours and interesting layering pull the collection together nicely, and are just a couple of the reasons that I would be happy to have each and every piece magically appear hanging in my wardrobe. Thank goodness dreams are free!


  1. Ooh yes! I am loving these looks! My dream wardrobe is getting very large, haha

  2. (weird...I didn't get the other comments, I wonder why that happened, they didn't go into spam or awaiting moderation either, must be a blogger fluke)


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