Thursday, May 31, 2012


Purchases for the month of May. The above image, or lack thereof of my personal purchases, should be a hint at how little restraint I appear to have had this month. One "small" Topshop order, and one Ashley Fogel sale were where most of the damage (in terms of numbers) was made. After this month, I've finally realised that I'm not the type of person who can just 'stop shopping', no matter how much I wish I was, as it appears to be just wishful thinking.

It will probably come as no surprise that I have little inclination to share the total number of purchases, although it could be argued for the sake of continuity that I should. It's had me contemplating the necessity of some, if not all my purchases, and the resilience to refrain from spending in what is essentially a consumer-driven world.

Some of my purchases, were things I had been keeping an eye out for, either for the purpose of wearing it over winter, or because I had missed out on it when it was in the stores. Others serve more as a novelty, injecting some extra colour or interesting prints to the generally muted palette in my wardrobe. I was also forced to once again pull from the depths of my wardrobe garments that I did not often wear, or was on the fence about, to sell so that I could make up some (or hopefully all) of the cost of my purchases.

It is times like these that I genuinely admire those who seldom buy things, or are extremely careful in their choices, considering all other options before finally pulling the trigger. This isn't to say that I regret buying the things that I did, but I do wish that I didn't want so much. I suppose you can't have everything!



  1. Yea...I know what you mean...I bought 2 things in the net-a-porter sale and I spent more than most of my wardrobe cost me all together... o.O And I'm planning on getting more (hopefully)...What.Is.Wrong.With.Me.
    But I do love and cherish every single thing that I's just that I buy clothes instead of going out drinking...I bet if my roommate and I calculated what we each pent on our guilt pleasures it might even out after a while,...haha

  2. ugh I know what you matter how much I try I can never manage to stop shopping. I can go for a little while, but I always cave. I'm going to really struggle from now on, as I have to become a lot more responsible and accountable for my money now that I'm planning a wedding and joining finances with the boy :( maybe just a little treat every now and again to curb the binges is the way to go. xx

  3. It's called addiction? Keep smile, every woman have this flu - it's not so easy to take it off...

  4. hehe... we are soul sisters I think!

    I tried to do a post on what I bought in the US but I was shocked once I had written down... so much, I couldn't possibly share it with my (few) readers.

    I too have discovered I cannot stop shopping or at least *buying things*... Sometimes I'm just walking through a shop (not even 'shopping') and a gorgeous pair of designer shoes - last pair, marked down AND in my size, just happens falls into my lap. How can a girl say no??

    I think so long as one is living within their means and you are not hurting anyone - who's to judge? Each to their own I say... and if you are happy and comfortable with they way you are living your life than that is the most important thing :)

  5. I feel the same! Wish I wasn't such a shopaholic xxx

  6. Ahaha but you were doing so well... at least you cleared out your wardrobe first to make room for it though. Well, if you want to take extreme measures, pregnancy is a pretty good cure. I have had to buy a few things just so I have something that fits me, but overall I would have saved heaps on shopping. But even I am feeling tempted to shop at the moment - it's that time of year that the sales and new collections hit all at once and the wishlist always exceeds the budget...

  7. I feel ya, girl. I was doing so well with not shopping....until yesterday when I made three consecutive purchases from the same online store....within 15 minutes. ahaha I tried to get just a little bit and ended up going back and getting the other things I deleted from my cart the first (and second) time....hopefully this binge will keep me and my credit cards at bay for a while :)

    ps. you have such a lovely style, i love it!


  8. This is so beautifully written!!!
    Smiling and can just say: I so agree :)

  9. thanks jamie lee for stopping by my blog and ur nice comment yeah i agree wit u what do men know. i also spend way too much to and feel guilty its a hard habit to break but i don't want to give it up. would u like to follow each other kisses from Dublin xx leo.

  10. All the sales make shopping so tempting. My husband always says it would have been cheaper if you hadn't purchased it! I have a trip to Paris coming up so I've been more shopping that usual. With the Net-a-porter and ShopBop sales going on, I picked up a few items that were 50-70% off - but it still adds up. I try not to buy things on impulse. If there's something I like I come back to it, even if I risk it not being there.


  11. I realized a long time ago that I am not capable of not shopping or buying things. But I always try to buy things on sale, or from inexpensive places, or things that I know I'll use/wear for so long... that has to count for something, right!? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. haha! i can't stop shopping either. it's just too hard. not to mention i have no will power when it comes to pretty things :]


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