Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lover lace dress
, Cybele silk jacket dress, Karen Walker rings, ASOS belt, Chloe boots

On layering. While I absolutely adore little lace dresses, I'm always loathe to admit that that I rarely have an occasion on which to wear them. Taking a cue from Michelle, I came to the conclusion that this Lover lace dress could easily double as a top, or in this instance, as a layering piece under a dress.

This is probably about as creative as I will get when it comes to layering. I've never been the type to naturally be able to layer shirts over tops over skirts over jeans over sleeveless vests, like a certain 'Man Repeller', and prefer to take a more simplistic approach to dressing - besides, wouldnt you get hot with all those layers?

Also, I was both surprised and very humbled to learn that I have been featured as this week's "site of the week" in New Idea magazine. Must say it's a little strange seeing my picture in a magazine!


  1. Congrat!
    Lovelu look!

    Polly with love

  2. Congrats, that must be super exciting! I love the outfit - I have a few lace pieces and never seem to end up wearing them. I need to!

  3. Ahhh wow, super
    congratulation with being
    featured c: but again,
    you have a great style!

    Love the dress, especially
    the red lace detail!


  4. I love your silk jacket and lace dresses! You look so adorable on them. I love the classic red and black color combo. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  5. Wow, congrats on the feature! How exciting!! I had my aunt tell me she saw my blog in a magazine once? She couldn't remember what it was so I suppose I'll never know if it happened or not... it seems so bizzare to me how these things can happen!

    Much adoration over the red lace!

  6. I'm so stoked for you, can't believe they didn't tell you either! What a shock you must have had.

    The Lover dress is such a beautiful colour, I have been on the lookout for some more burgundy / oxblood items for my wardrobe. Great winter colour.

  7. Wow congrats on the feature! Lovely lace dress by the way xx

  8. wow, how exciting to be featured!

    I love this outfit, that dress and jacket looks amazing together x

  9. Very chic layering! Love the pop of lace
    And congrats on getting featured :D

    Trendy Teal

  10. omg.. wow! congratulations on the feature! that must be really exciting.. :D
    oh i feel yeah! the wellington weather.. you can't win aye? it's too icy even if the sun's out. and it's not even winter yet. but good layering.. :D i'm in lust for lace as well... good job :D love the shoes!

    auie from

  11. I love that jacket dress!!!! I stink at layering, but I think I'm getting a bit better...but not much xD
    Congrats on the magazine feature!!! SO exciting! :D

  12. How exciting about the magazine. You look great! I love how they say your blog is "world famous in New Zealand", it reminds me of something Murray from Flight of the Conchords would have on his office posters hehe.

    Aah the Lover stuff this season is so gorgeous and I can't fit into any of it! Like the way you have layered for a more casual look.

  13. I like the layering that you did with your outfit. And congrats on the feature! X

  14. awww like look!!:)

    kisses from Spain!

  15. I really love the little rings! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog <3

  16. Gorgeous look!
    And how could I not love that little cat in the back :)

  17. How fantastic! Congratulations on the feature!!! :D

    The Sydney Girl


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