Saturday, May 5, 2012


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Winter essentials. As the temperature continues to drop, I've started digging around for a bit more winter inspiration. Being practically addicted to list making, I thought I'd share my essentials for winter.

Oversized woolen blazers - I love the look of these thrown over all kinds of outfits, and aside from pulling the look together, they can be the perfect cover up for those not so cold moments. I tend to fold the sleeves up ever so slightly, allowing the sleeves of blouses, jumpers or cardigans to peek out.

Leather leggings or pants - Probably one of the more expensive pieces to buy, but I think well worth it. I've spent the past few years looking for a pair, and only recently managed to source a pair of faux leather ones, which are not only convincing but also quite possibly the warmest thing I've ever covered up my legs with.
Loose baggy jumpers - These are perfect thrown over a dress, or loosely tucked into a skirt, dressing up or dressing down a look as required. I find that this can be the best way to make an otherwise 'special occasion' dress a little bit more casual, or appropriate for work.

Unexpected prints - there's nothing more striking than a print when you didn't expect it. I suppose that's why I'm drawn to florals on jeans or pants, printed blouses, or cover ups that have a bit of detailing on them.

Simple, statement accessories - I find myself yo-yoing between images of simple and understated accessories, to arms piled high with an assortment of bracelets, amounting to more than I even own. In winter I prefer to skimp on the accessories, choosing pieces that complement my outfit, and stand out of their own accord.

And, I suppose a leather skirt wouldn't go astray, nor would the obvious thick woolen scarf or heavy pashmina wrapped loosely around one's neck. Let's add stripes in there too. This winter I see myself pairing blacks, greys, navys and burgundys together, interspersed with the occasional camel or blush toned piece.

With this in mind, I've managed to hunt down a few pieces which fit the bill. Like these Helmut Lang leather leggings paired with this J Crew knitted sweater and this Equipment blouse peeking out of the collar. OR this RAOUL leather skirt with this A.P.C jumper, ASOS boyfriend blazer and Michael Kors watch.



  1. beautyful pictures! So much style!

  2. Love the mish mash prints look. I wish I have long legs to pull of that one. Its trending now, and would love to give it a try. Great collection dear and thank you for stopping by and the lovely comments. Following you on bloglovin and twitter, lets keep in touch. I miss NZ btw, use to grew up in Auckland

  3. Oooh yes, all those are definitely perfect winter essentials! Too bad my winter is over, haha

  4. Love all these looks! Great blog! Following you :)

  5. I actually agree with every single item you've stated! I need all of those in my wardrobe (well, specifically printed items and the leather pants and skirt) xx

  6. amazing pics!

    Polly with love

  7. Great choices, Honey!

    Totally agree!

    Last winter I have amassed a lot of leather pieces - I am saying I adore leather skirts, but I mostly prefer leather shorts with chunky tights, hiking boots, turtleneck and a coat. Accessories? I am huge fan of hat, maybe one of my favorite accessories for winter...then there are the gloves and scarves. Absolutely must have pieces! Go for it darling... you have great taste and I cannot wait to see your new purchases. ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. amaing! i love nr 3 the best i think! :))
    cute blog btw! :) would you maybe like to follow each other? :)
    XOXO Kasia

  9. I love winter clothes,I think
    the people look so elegant!
    Loved the outfits :)


  10. Love love love ur list!! I have a v similar one!! Especially re-the leather pieces! Havent found my perfect leather skirt yet! ;)
    Great blog.. Thanks gor ur com doll muak!

  11. Leather leggings never ever fail, and always so versatile! I agree, definately worth it!

  12. great selection of pics!

  13. 2 and 3 are my favorites, and the watch is gorgeous x

  14. These are really inspirational. I like to check out street style to make lists of what would look good put together hehe

    - Joana


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