Friday, July 27, 2012


outfit 1: Zara linen t-shirt, Supre denim shorts (similar)
outfit 2: Kate Sylvester top, Karen Walker shorts, Topshop sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses
outfit 3: Topshop top, shorts (similar) & sandals, Karen Walker sunglasses, Diva necklace

Final days. I always find the ending of an overseas holiday bittersweet. On the one hand, I look forward to going back to the comforts of home and returning to my routine, but on the other, I'm sad that all of the wonderful times are ending - until next time that is.

Our last three nights sailing were spent anchored right by the village of Finikouda, which felt like home while we were there. Shortly after waking up I would - somewhat ungracefully - submerge myself in the water before motoring ashore for a combination of lying in the sun and cooling off in the warm waters whenever I got too hot. We were lucky that on our way back, a school of dolphins surrounded our boat, jumping in and out of the water as we sailed along. I don't think that I have ever seen dolphins so close before.

Aside from sailing, yesterday was spent travelling out to Olympia, quite fitting considering that the Olympic Games start this weekend. Today involved another venture to an ancient site, that of Arxaia Messini, quite possibly my favourite Greek ruin that I've been to. Still being excavated, there were a number of new things which had been uncovered since the last time I went. I doubt that there are many other ruins where you are walking over unearthed columns, and those that have been are easily accessible.

It would probably be unsurprising to most who know me, that I managed to have a couple of three-week old kittens as "pets" while in Valira. If only I could stay longer...



  1. Gorgeous photographs, those kittens are adorable

  2. That beach looks magical! And the kittens are too cute. Looks like a fun time :) x

  3. Fabulous pictures :)

  4. Aww those kitties are so cute! And that is so cool about the dolphins! When I was on my vacation we saw some from out hotel room, but barely...haha. Olympia looks so cool!!! I really hope I get to Greece someday...
    Loving all your outfits, as usual, I want to steal your closet.

  5. Kitttttenz! Beautiful pics! See you when you get back x

  6. You seem to have had glorious weather, looks so relaxing. I understand the feeling of being ready to come home though, no matter how amazing a holiday is. Once I had dolphins swim right past me when I was just swimming at a local beach. It was that magical that sometimes I have to remind myself that it was actually real and not just a dream! When you're back home, I think you need to do a holiday purchases post ;) safe traveling!

    1. Gosh it really is magical isn't it? They swam next and underneath us for about five minutes, I should have grabbed my camera but I thought the experience was more worth one photo.

      Haha yes okay! I didn't actually buy heaps thankfully. My suitcase was lighter coming home (I took a number of things over for my mum) than it was going over. Go figure, although I do have a carry on (currently in Singapore). I'll try snap some pics when I get home tomorrow afternoon and do a post in the next week.

      Haven't had a chance to comment on your blog but i have managed to catch up and been loving the posts. Are you on maternity leave now? Xx

  7. Great pics, sounds amazing xx

  8. Hey lovely great pics as usual, your topshop shorts in the black and white in the last pic do you know if they are still available they are gorgeous!! Thanks Lauren

  9. oohhhhh the kitties are so adorable!!

    love all your outfits, you're such a stylish traveller! x

  10. this is a very beautiful place to go =D omg.. i wanna go there toooooooooo

  11. Oh it looks like you had such a good time! From the food to the weather, animals (I'm not a cat person at all but those kittens are too adorable), your great holiday style and ruins - it all looks so good xx


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