Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Topshop heels, T by Alexander Wang cardigans, Karen Walker blouses

I recognise that purchasing in excess of what you need is not the best mentality to have when shopping, but one thing I find I can't help but do, is purchase certain items in more than one colour. I've been pretty lucky to nab things on sale, in particular both the burgundy and black pairs of heels above from Topshop, and also in the fact that I haven't neglected one or the other.

I've found that this usually works best when it's a staple item in your closet, one that is worn every day. For me, this is things like those T by Alexander Wang cardigans above, multiples of skinny jeans (I have converted!), or silky blouses. It probably goes without saying that this method has worked against me in the past, and prompted moments of regret, but what can I say, these things happen. Has anyone else had much success buying in multiples?



  1. I also love the blouses!

  2. Welcome back :) I rarely buy in multiples but recently I have done this for a couple of pieces... perhaps because it feels like a miracle to find something that accommodates my expanding belly. I think the pieces you have pictured/ listed are fairly classic so it could be worth having multiples. Especially if you find a brand/style of jeans that fits perfectly. Also the blouses are such different prints that I don't think that even counts.

  3. Ohh! love the blouses!


  4. Ooh I love it all!!
    I really need to start buying multiples of things I really love, but by the time I realize I love them they're sold out XD

  5. sometimes I always purchase one piece in different colors if i really like it :) Loving the shoes!


  6. Those heels are so Beautiful! I a also Loving the prints on the blouses.

  7. Love the cardigans! I think i might be addictive to cardigans :p jejeje

  8. I've purchased the same shoes in multiple colors (sometimes 2 in the same color), multiple t-shirts and tanks. One thing I haven't done, and should probably start is to buy multiple pairs of jeans that fit perfectly. I've recently re-discovered Topshop and I can't wait to start purchasing from them. Lovely purchases and a plus they were on sale. :)

  9. glad that your back! I missed you!

    I love those t by alex wang cardigans, so comfy arent they?


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