Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Comme des Garcon Play striped top, Kate Sylvester Skirt, Topshop loafers, Proenza Schouler bag, bracelets from Greece

Mariniere. With an abundance of stripes at my disposal, I get the feeling that it's going to be hard to avoid wearing them most days, not that I'm complaining. Synonymous with the classic and undoubtedly chic Parisian style, it's probably no wonder that I picked up three of said tops while in Paris, where I found them to be readily available and clearly hard to resist. As corny as it sounds, I can't help but save every breton striped picture that I come across - it would seem I have a mild obsession..

It's a bit surreal being back home after having such a magical four weeks in Europe, many memories I hope that I never forget. Returning to work the day after getting home has meant a quick return to my regular routine, and despite the mild jetlag and tiredness, it hasn't been too much of a shock to the system. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a brief reprieve on the weekend, to catch up on some of the sleep missed on our 40 hour journey back home, oh and uh.. getting to see the new Karen Walker collection in the flesh.

PS. For those of you asking about the sizing of the CdG stripe top, in my experience it is true to size. I'm generally a small size 8, and purchased this in a size small, which has a slightly loose fit.



  1. Such a chic outfit, I like the striped top with the dark bottom half!

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    Trendy Teal

  2. It's always fun wearing new purchases after a holiday. Back to work not so fun though! Is the new Karen Walker out already? I keep checking the website lately... think it will be online shopping only for me for a couple of months, as I don't see myself getting out for awhile.

    1. That black/gold KW skirt will look perfect on you, same with the Serenity and Millie lace dresses and the floral blazer from Lover. I love that lace bralet too, for layering under sheer blouses etc. but don't know if I'm game enough!

      From KW I'm thinking about the boat pants in #48 (like the shorts you want) or the denim/ white spot boat pants from resort. Also love the skirt in #38 (navy with chain) and would like something in the whale print (will see if the online store have a broader range than my local stockists). Will have to wait until I'm out of hospital (going in Fri at latest). Make sure you post some pics of your purchases for me!

      From Lover I'm thinking the Leith mini dress, and maybe the short-sleeve Christina dress in Flamingo. Both a bit impractical but oh-so-pretty. And would love to just try on the Rosebud dress - wow. Such a special occasion dress though.

  3. I'm the same, I pretty much can't resist anything striped! I've been on the look out for the perfect striped top for a while though without much luck - guess I need to go to Paris to get the real deal :)

    Life etc

  4. Looks great you suit stripes! Any tips for europe? xx

  5. Oh! Your outfit is very Jean Seberg-esque! I love it; chic and girly at the same time!

  6. Such an amazing European Chic outfit :-) It's so effortless yet stylish. I want that striped top! xx

  7. Lovely outfit! you look so pretty<3 what similarity do you mean?:3 xx

  8. Woohoo!! I do love stripes, but hardly own any... Love your hair too :)

  9. Lovely outfit! I just got back to Australia from Europe and I am struggling with jet lag at the moment.


  10. Love that bag!

  11. Major envy with the CDG top! I love it! <3

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  12. Nice look.. love it! :)


  13. Great look!! Hope you visit my blog!!

  14. thank you for your comment and your visit my blog !!!

    love your top of stripes!!!

    kisses from barcelona

  15. Breton love - they look so good, and go with practically everything! I loved seeing your holiday posts but I'll be looking forward to your usual outfit posts too xx


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